“I have known Tyler Paul most all of his life. He and his family have supported law enforcement and the rule of law in our community long before it ever became popular. His devotion to Christ first, defending the Constitution, and supporting Blue Lives across our state has been evident years before now. Our law enforcement officers know that even in the courtroom, Tyler Paul always has one focus – that is to help make our communities safer. He is the 5th generation of his family to live on their farm in Haralson County and for 170 years they have fought for justice in our communities. He will always defend the Constitution and ensure that our law enforcement agencies have the resources they need to keep our communities safe. He is the right person for the job and he has my full endorsement! I hope you will join me in voting for Tyler Paul Smith for District 18 State Representative by absentee ballot or in person on June 9th in the Republican Primary. He always has and always will support the thin blue line!”

“It is my honor to endorse Tyler Paul for State House District 18. He is the right choice for the next State House Rep for District 18. During law school, Tyler Paul worked for my office helping to ensure justice for crime victims and fighting gangs throughout our communities. I have known him for years now and his work ethic is second to none. He is a defender of the Constitution and the rights of all. He stands for what is right for all. His honesty and willingness to help all those he comes in contact with is a rare trait badly needed in the State House. Tyler Paul will not be a push over as the next State House Rep. He is an avid advocate for his clients, his community, and the greater good for all who live in the 18th House District. West Georgia deserves a strong legal mind working for them in the State House – Tyler Paul Smith is the right person for the job and has my full endorsement! I hope you will join me in voting for Tyler Paul Smith for District 18 State Representative by absentee ballot or in person on June 9th in the Republican Primary.”

“For over three decades, it has been the highest honor to have served Carrollton and our West Georgia area. We have seen the right growth here in our community and need for it to continue over the next decade. This requires someone with the right experience and knowledge of how to navigate in the Georgia House of Representatives for each and every citizen of District 18. I have known Tyler Paul for well over a decade both personally and professionally. He worked in the trenches with conservative policy for three years to help make our West Georgia community and state better for all. This is where the rubber meets the road. For our community’s future, we need the experience and the legal mind Tyler Paul Smith offers to you and I for the next District 18 State House Rep. His genuine character and devotion to his community is solid. He is the one who you can call day or night and there will be no hesitation to help with the needs of our great citizens here in West Georgia. His conservative convictions are tried and true. It is my honor to fully endorse Tyler Paul Smith for the next State House Rep for District 18! I hope you will join me in supporting Tyler Paul by casting your vote for him by Absentee Ballot, early voting, or in person in the June 9th Republican Primary!”

“Tyler Paul was my legislative aide for three consecutive legislative sessions in the Georgia State House of Representatives. His command of the legislation coming before us was second to none. Tyler Paul was in the office long before anyone else and worked late into the evenings all while going to law school full time – this is just a small description of how great his work ethic is. He was in the trenches right there along with me fighting against big government, protecting the 2nd Amendment, and defending private water rights from underhanded progressives. From legislation affecting farmers to the small businesses that make our state the number one state to do business in, Tyler Paul has done the grunt work to support Georgians all over the state as well as his own West Georgia community. He always sacrificed his own time to better help every constituent base he worked for – he is a true servant to everyone. No one will work harder or understand legislation and the legislative process in order to benefit the citizens of District 18 than Tyler Paul Smith. He learned through trial by fire. He is tried and true. He is the true Conservative choice for West Georgia.”